All our pottery can be bought as individual items or as a supplement to our party packs.

enzel the Dinosaur . . (Party Pottery)
H:11cm W:8cm D:8cm

Make friends with this dino
It's worthwile, you'll see!
The last boy, he didn't
And got eaten for tea !!


innie the Pooh .... (Party Pottery)
H:10cm W:7cm D:7cm

Here we have got quite a silly old bear
with such a big belly he's shaped like a pear.
he's got a sweet tooth, loves honey a lot
and frequently gets his head stuck in the pot!


olphin Jewellery Box (Party Pottery)
H:10cm W:10cm D:3cm

A small secret box, an ideal place to hide
All of your precious possessions inside
Two dolphin companions from the shimmering blue
Will guard and protect all your treasures for you


now White . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:11cm W:7cm D:7cm

A beautiful princess came under a spell
When she bit a poisonous apple and fell
Asleep in the forest for time out of mind,
Until kissed by a Prince who was handsome and kind


leeping Beauty . . . (Party Pottery)
H:11cm W:7cm D:7cm


inderella . . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:11cm W:7cm D:7cm


lown Fish . . . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:11cm W:10cm D:7cm

A small, special fish who’s courageous and brave
Lives inside an anemone’s tentacled cave.
He loses his son, and he’s got far to roam,
For he’ll go on a journey to bring him right home


ear without a care . . . (Party Pottery)
H:16cm W:12cm D:6cm

Put thoughts of big grizzlies out of your mind
I'm not a scary old bear but the friendlier kind
Just give me a home with a comfortable seat
And I'll be the best listener that you'll ever meet


Note: Bear dangles its legs over the edge of shelf

uzz Lightyear . . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:10cm W:7cm D:7cm


When there's a whole universe there to explore,
planets and asteroids, black holes and more,
We'll need a hero who won't be afraid
to strap on his helmet and carry the day!


igger . . . . . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:10cm W:8cm D:8cm

I bet you don’t know the most wonderful thing
About Tiggers; their bottoms are made out of springs,
He’ll bounce and he’ll bounce, he’s so hungry for fun,
But don’t look for another, ‘cause there’s only one!


agical Wizard . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:14cm W:12cm D:4cm

I'm a powerful wizard with stories to tell
With a staff that's enchanted, a head full of spells
There's no time to dawdle, no time for a rest
I'm ready to go on a magical quest


eyore . . . . . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:12cm W:8cm D:8cm

This saggy old donkey, so droopy and glum
Needs someone to show him how he can have fun.
Paint him up brightly, play with him a while,
I'll bet you can get this old fellow to smile


ommy the Train . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:10cm W:8cm D:6cm

This powerful engine is fast and it’s strong;
With a wonderful sound it just rumbles along,
“All Aboard!” The conductor calls people inside;
Just give him your ticket and go for a ride!


utterfly . . . . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:10cm W:10cm D:4cm

This beauty won’t stay too long in one place.
Wings lighter than air and more fragile than lace,
From flower to flower she'll fly near and far
In search of the prettiest colours there are


asual Cat . . . . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:8cm W:12cm D:5cm

Whether chasing a mouse round the room for some fun,
Curled up on the sofa, or asleep in the sun,
Or looking for loving attention from me,
A happier kitten you never will see



razy Crocodile . . . . (Project Pottery)
H:16cm W:11cm D:7cm

A long, toothy creature of emerald green
He's scaly and strong, and he's hungry and mean
Swim fast through the stream, you may be the winner
But watch out for his snout, or you'll end up as dinner


ete the Pup . . . . . . (Party Pottery)
H:9cm W:7cm D:6cm

At the pet shop I saw a sweet puppy for sale,
With cute little ears and a wiggly tail;
I gave him a scratch and I gave him a bone,
And he followed me happily all the way home!



lephants in a tub . . . . . (Project Pottery)
H:15cm W:18cm D:10cm

I'd just entered my house, coming home from the fair
When I hear quite an awful comotion upstairs
Splishing and splashing, and rub-a-dub-dub
The circus was bathing at home in my tub


nappy the Shark . . . (Project Pottery)
H:14cm W:19cm D:18cm

A big hungry shark with his mouth full of teeth
Is looking for somebody tasty to eat
The snorkelling man who is swimming about
Looks delicious indeed, so he'd better watch out


limbing Cat . . . . . . . . (Project Pottery)
H:20cm W:15cm D:9cm

Climbing the curtains, this mischievous one
Loves nothing better than having some fun
Pouncing and playing in the afternoon light
Then falling soundly asleep every night


Note: Stands upright against a wall !

ip Teenager . . . . . . . (Project Pottery)
H:20cm W:10cm D:8cm

I'm a girl with a mobile, and my friends are all cool
We talk and we text and we chat after school
We're always out shopping, but no longer for toys
I tell dad it's for fashion, but it's really for boys!


og and Puppy . . . (Project Pottery)
H:13cm W:25cm D:15cm

A sweet little puppy, a mother dog too
Eager to rumble and tumble with you
We'll throw and we'll fetch, we'll run and we'll play
But we go home to Mum at the end of the day


ungle Mirror . . . . (Project Pottery)
H:21cm W:17cm D:2cm

A riot of colour to brighten your room
It's a tropical forest of colourful blooms
Brilliant, bright parrots, a young monkey too
An adventure to be had for me and for you


Note: Comes with suede hanging thread and
top quality 'unbreakable' acrylic mirror
(similar to car mirrors)

rincess mirror . . . . . . . (Project Pottery)
H:22cm W:18cm D:2cm

A princess who comes from a faraway place
With a spirited heart and a beautiful face
Her Prince is in danger, she has to succeed
So she's galloping fast on her favourite steed


Note: Comes with suede hanging thread and
top quality 'unbreakable' acrylic mirror
(similar to car mirrors)

plat Smart Car
H:154cm W:152cm D:155cm

If you want to paint a car like this
My gosh, that would be art
But sorry, we don't keep a stock
Ask Mum to contact SMART!


Note: Please dont ACTUALLY purchase
your Smart car from here.
Unfortunately we will be unable
to fulfill your order !!

... Don't forget your paint & brushes!

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